What Could Possibly Go Wrong? A Mad Scientist Musical

A short musical comedy about a scientist who spends too much of his time wondering if he could and not enough time wondering if he should. My entry to My Rode Reel 2020.

Official Selection to the Great Canadian Sketch Comedy Film Festival 2020.

Filmmaking has always been a collaborative effort. In this time of social distancing, gathering a group of people together to shoot a shoot film, hasn’t been the most practical or even possible idea.

Despite this, I was determined to make a short film this year. Determined to create for the sake of creating. Also to enter a short film contest.

The result of my determination is the short film above. Made entirely by myself, both behind and in front of the camera.

It was also an exercise in creating a short film with limited resources.

I recently had to cancel my Adobe Creative Cloud subscription, so post-production on this film was done entirely in HitFilm, which I had purchased a few years ago. This was the first real project I had tried in HItFilm. Unlearning habits learned from years of using the same software was a little tricky, but I soon learned to enjoy HitFilm and I’m quite happy with how the effects turned out. All photo editing was done in a demo version of Affinity photo, which expired on my final day of editing. All stock photos were sourced from free stock image sites.

To be very honest, I had my doubts about this film. I thought it might be too weird, or too odd or would only appeal to my own sensibilities. But in the few days since I’ve released it to the world, I’ve had so much positive feedback from people. It even made it into a film festival. I guess I should just trust my weirdness more.

Shot on my Canon 77d, with the 40mm pancake lens, Rode Videomic and my cheap plastic tripod.