The Film Noir Detective Agency

An advert for a detective agency from a typical Film Noir. All tropes and fedoras are part of the deal. Short comedy.

Official Selection for The L.A. Neo Noir Novel, Film & Script Online Festival 2020.

So there I was, sitting around the house on a Thursday night, thinking, “I should make a movie today.” I had two lights, a green screen, an overcoat that used to belong to my grandfather and, of course, a fedora. So why why not shoot a Film Noir? I’ve always loved Film Noir, or at least the idea of Film Noir. Every time I try to write something noir-ish, it ends up leaning in a comedic direction, so I thought I’d go full tilt and poke fun at some staples of the genre. I got to write a 1-minute sketch that somehow managed to fit in two separate cheesy voice overs and I got to deliver both of them.

Conceived, shot, edited and uploaded within the span of 20 hours.

The second short filmed with my Canon 77D, exclusively using the 40mm pancake lens.