Space Lizard Versus Giant Robot Bear

Official Selection for The Great Canadian Sketch Comedy Film Festival 2019.

Short film/fake trailer about a giant lizard from outer-space, and the giant robot built as humanity’s last hope to fight it. My entry in this year’s My Rode Reel contest in “The Trailer Is The Movie” category. The idea was to make an homage to 1950’s monster movies, using practical miniature monsters to test out my compositing skills.

This is one of those ideas that have stuck around in my brain years. This idea first surfaced in 2012, while I was up to my elbows in paper mache, making a dragon puppet for another short film. I originally wanted to build human-sized monster costumes, with a miniature set to scale and have actors destroy the set and their costumes while slugging it out. I shelved the idea in favour of slightly more practical short films. The allure of building monster suits and destroying things was eventually replaced by the curiosity of trying to film miniatures and practice compositing.

Here’s a look at what went into making it:

Starring Terence Mentor, Jamie Lee Jacobs, Bryan Banfield, Andrew Stuart Baird and Leanne Phillipson.
The first film shot on my Canon 77d, still using my cheap plastic tripod and my Rode VideoMic.