Return of the Mushrooms (2010)

We don’t know how and we don’t know why, but special, genetically-engineered mushrooms have started attacking people.

It’s all up to Roger, the lab assistant, to figure out how to stop the mutant, killer mushrooms and save the world!

It’s a comedy.

Actually this is a remake of the sequel of the first movie I ever shot, at the age of 16. I know that might sound a bit ridiculous, but it is. The first attempt was shot on a dodgy VHS camera with no lighting, no script and no idea of what I was doing.

The movie that is posted here was shot 10 years later as an attempt to prove that I’d become much better at the craft of film making. Luckily, it seems that I have. I might remake this in 10 years time to see if I’ve gotten any better…