Ice Cream: Part 1

A tasteful tale of teleportation.

Every time Jimmy eats ice cream, he teleports. Somewhere. A different place for every flavour…

I’m on a mission to make more short films. This is my first attempt at getting back into the habit. I messed up the eyelines a little, and there’s one or two continuity issues, but to quote Ed Wood “Well, my next film will be better.”

There’s at least a Part 2 in the planning. Depending on how that goes, maybe a Part 3. I guess it would be nice to make my first Trilogy. Even if it’s rather silly.

This film was shot completely Guerrilla-style, with my Canon 600D, 18-55mm lens, Rode Videomic and a cheap plastic tripod. And a cooler-box full of ice cream. Thanks to Simon and Wikus for acting for me and thanks to the guy on the beach who let us film his ice cream van.