Every Battle, Every Score – My Rode Reel 2015

A  finalist for Best Soundtrack and Best Sound Design in the My Rode Reel 2015 short film competition.

A medieval comedy about two warriors trying to determine who has saved the other the most times, which they try to figure out by singing.

This was a fun project. I went very DIY, making all the props, armour and costumes.

Music by Steven Knight Kukard

Starring Kelly Pearce, David Luyt & Wikus Radyn

Costumes by Stephen Phillipson & Leanne Moodley

Shot on my Canon 600D, with a Canon 50 mm 1.8 & 16-35 mm lens, my Rode Videomic and a Konovo slider.

Thanks to Thomas Holder for the lens and Grant Hinds for the microphone.