The Fall & Rise Of Christopher Brilliant (2007)

The leader of a gang of thieves dies, right before revealing his latest plan. Those he left behind decide that the best thing to do, is to find out what that plan is – no matter what.

Featuring a cast of angels, policemen, crooks and crazy uncles who re-animate corpses.

It’s a comedy.

The story for this film came about by taking stock of what locations I had at my disposal and who I could get to act for me. Then I wrote a story for those spaces and those people.

Shot on a SONY Z1


The Peasant (2003)

A medieval comedy about a peasant breaking into the castle to overthrow the king – until he is caught in the princess’s bedroom.

Stuck in the dungeon, he has an angry king and a stubborn jailer between him and his revolution.

This was my final graduation film at Film School. I figured most student films try to take themselves way too seriously, so I tried to make something fun. And just a little bit silly. So we shot a mini-epic in sets build out of polystyrene and costumes that had been left over from a Canadian “Sinbad the Sailor” TV series, featuring the lead actor’s Wednesday night Bible study group as the angry mob.

This film won two awards: Silver at the NTVA Stone Awards and best film at the UCT Golden Pidgeon Awards.